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Improve on LaTeX's footnote handling.

The footnote package provides commands for handling footnotes rather more fluently than LaTeX manages. Several LaTeX commands and environments (for example, \parbox, minipage and tabular) “trap” footnotes. The footnote package provides an environment savenotes, that can be wrapped around a command or environment; at \end{savenotes} all the footnotes within will emerge. The command \makesavenoteenv will generate environments that behave as if they've been wrapped in a savenotes environment.

The package also provides footnote and footnotetext environments which you can put verbatim inside.

The package is part of the mdwtools bundle.

The author is Mark Wooding. The package is Copyright © 1996 Mark Wooding.

License: gpl Version: 1.13 Catalogued: 2012-03-12