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The Autoconf Macro Archive aims to provide a collection of reusable Autoconf macros as free software. The archive currently features more than 500 macros which perform portability tests ranging from compiler support for weird language extensions to automatic generation of sophisticated Automake rules. All these macros have been contributed by friendly supporters of the cause from all over the Internet; this archive is merely a distribution of other people's efforts.

How To Contribute

Have you written a macro and would like to share it? Great! Simply send the m4 source code to <> and include a brief description of the macro's functionality. Suggestions into which Archive category the macro belongs are appreciated. In any case, please state the following bits of information:

  • A synopsis showing how the macro is to be called.
  • The list of authors (optionally with e-mail addresses).
  • Licensing information.

Any OSI compliant free software license is fine, but the best choice typically is the all-permissive license recommended for Autoconf macros by the Free Software Foundation. Other popular licenses used on this site are BSD, GPL, GPL with Autoconf exception, and LPGL.

Formatting the macro submission in the Archive's markup is unnecessary, but it makes my life a little easier of you go through the trouble. You can use any of existing entries as a template to start from. When you submit a marked-up entry, however, please do not rely on special layout in your documentation except plain text and indented block quotes. One of the reasons for this limitation is that macro documentation will be subject to word-wrapping when presented as an HTML page.

Another way to contribute to the Archive is to patch any of the existing macros. If you have fixed a bug or made any other enhancement, please send your complete edited version to the address above and Cc the e-mail to the original authors to give them a chance to comment on your changes. If you would like to submit a "diff" instead, please make sure to update the "last modified" date stamp appropriately so that the original version information is visible in the patch.


Compilation Copyright (c) 2008 by Peter Simons <>. The Autoconf Macro Archive is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 or (at your option) any later version.

All macros are copyrighted by their respective authors. Please refer to the individual files for details.